Android Phone/Tablet Repair



Gadgets Unplugged will update pricing as the prices on phone/tablet screens and other parts change. Always call us to receive the most up-to date pricing for all phone and tablet repairs!

Samsung Galaxy Screens

  • Galaxy S4 screen replacement-$69
  • Galaxy S5 screen replacement-$99
  • Galaxy S6 screen replacement-$159
  • Galaxy S6 Edge screen replacement-$149
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus screen replacement-$179
  • Galaxy S6 Active screen replacement-CALL FOR PRICING
  • Galaxy S7 screen replacement-$169
  • Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement-$199
  • Galaxy S7 Active screen replacement-$249
  • Galaxy S8 screen replacement-$239
  • Galaxy S8 Plus screen replacement-$279
  • Galaxy S8 Active screen replacement-$289
  • Galaxy S9 screen replacement-$299
  • Galaxy S9 Plus screen replacement-$309
  • Galaxy S10/S10e/S10 Plus screen replacement-CALL FOR PRICING
  • Galaxy J3-J7 Series-$79-$179

Samsung Galaxy Note Screens

    • Galaxy Note 1-4 CALL FOR PRICING
    • Galaxy Note 5 screen replacement-$179
    • Galaxy Note 8 screen replacement-$289
    • Galaxy Note 9 screen replacement-$309

Samsung Galaxy/Galaxy Note Charging ports and Batteries

    • Galaxy S5 charging port-$79
    • Galaxy S6-S10 charging port-Call for pricing
    • Galaxy Note 1-5-Call for pricing
    • Galaxy Note Note 8/9 charging port-$79
    • Other Samsung model charging ports start at $39
    • Galaxy S3/S4 battery-$19
    • Galaxy S5 battery-$29
    • Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus/S7/S7 Edge/S8/S9/S10 (including Plus models) battery-$69
    • Galaxy Note 1-4 battery-$29
    • Galaxy Note 5-9 battery-$79
    • Other Samsung model batteries start at $10.99

Gadgets Unplugged also replaces other components on all Samsung phones including back glass. Call today for a repair price.

LG Phone Screens

    • LG G2-G4-$79.99
    • LG G5-$89.99
    • LG G6-$109.99
    • LG G7-$179.99
    • LG V10/V20-$89.99
    • LG V30/V40-$189-$199
    • Other LG model screen replacements start at $49.99

We also replace charging ports, batteries and other items on all LG phones. Call Gadgets Unplugged today for a free quote!

Gadgets Unplugged can fix all other models of cell phones including Google Pixel/Nexus, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, OnePlusOne, Huawei, BLU, ZTE, Nokia, and many more. If we can get the part we can fix!

Android Tablet Repair

  • Samsung tablet screen replacement prices vary for each model. Prices start as low as $39.99. We can also replace charging ports, batteries, cameras, etc on all Samsung tablets
  • Other tablet models like Motorola, LG, HTC, Asus, Amazon Kindle, etc repair prices start as low as $29.99

Gadgets Unplugged can also fix other brands of tablets like Nook, Nextbook, RCA, Polaroid, and more. Call today for your free quote!