Unlock iPhone or Android Phones

Rooting/Jailbreak iPhones and Android Phones

Unlocking Cell PhonesGadgets Unplugged can give you 100% access to your phone with our rooting and jailbreaking services. Rooting is when you have full administrator access to your Android phone so that you can download or change anything on your phone. Rooting only works on Android phones. Jailbreaking is meant for iPhone, iPod, and iPad and will allow you to change many different aspects of your phone. Both services are 100% legal and will only take a few hours to be completed.

GSM Unlock/CDMA Flashing

Android Phone RootingIf you are looking for a company to flash or unlock your cell phones, look no further than Gadgets Unplugged. We offer the fastest turnaround time when it comes to unlocking or flashing phones. Unlocks and flashing are 2 different things. Unlocking phones are meant for phones that are on GSM networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile. With an unlock, all we need is the cell phone and the GSM SIM card from the company that you are wanting to activate your phone with. Our unlocking service times vary from each phone but are usually unlocked within 1-72 hours. Flashing is meant for phones that are on CDMA networks such as Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular. With flashing, we re-program the software on your phone for it to read a different carrier. Our flashing services times vary from each phone but are usually finished within 1-4 hours. Phones that are reported lost, stolen, or have an unpaid balance from the original carrier can not be unlocked or flashed. Call Gadgets Unplugged today for you free quote on GSM Unlocks and CDMA Flashing.

Most new phones coming out through Verizon are now Global Phones which mean they use both GSM and CDMA services. That means a lot of times the Verizon phone you may purchase is already unlocked out of the box. The only thing that would need to be done is to program what is called the APN (Access Point Name) settings to have the MMS (Picture/Video Messaging) and Internet working on the phone. Gadgets Unplugged can help you program those APN settings for you!