Computer Repair

Is your computer slowing down your work or school work? Are you frustrated that your computer takes forever to turn on? Are you experiencing crashes and virus infections? If so, Gadgets Unplugged is here for you. We specialize in all makes and models of computer repair. Gadgets Unplugged can make your computer run like brand new.

Do you have a computer that you love but it is out of date? Gadgets Unplugged can also help you upgrade your computer components so that you can run newer software and operating systems on it without having to go buy a brand new computer.

Regardless if you have a broken laptop screen, broken hinges, damaged charger/charging port, a bad laptop battery, damaged keyboard or anything else, Gadgets Unplugged can fix it for you at the best price possible.

Not only can we fix your broken desktop or laptop, we can also build you a brand new computer. Whether you need it for gaming, business or just personal use like emails and social media, Gadgets Unplugged can build it for you.

Gadgets Unplugged can also help you if you have problems downloading or updating software. We can also help you recover your deleted files. We understand that not everyone may be tech savvy but that is where Gadgets Unplugged can step in and help you with all your computer needs. Our technicians have over 20 years of computer experience. Stop by our store front today for a free evaluation.