Drone Repair

When it comes to drones, it is crucial to ensure they are maintained and in good working order. A drone repair service is the best way to ensure your drone remains in shape and that potential problems get addressed quickly and efficiently. 

Drone Repair Shop

Drone repairs are Gadgets Unplugged’s area of expertise. Our professionals can assist you with getting your drone back in the air, whether it is malfunctioning from normal wear and tear or a damaged component. We provide various repair services to get your drone back in operation.

Firmware Upgrade

If you own a drone, the firmware needs frequent updating. Your drone may perform better thanks to these updates, making it easier and more dependable to fly. To get the maximum performance out of your drones, you must maintain the firmware updates. Gadgets Unplugged provides firmware upgrades as part of our drone repair services.

Cable Replacement

The cables of your drone are essential components and one of the most likely parts to wear out over time. If your drone’s range or connection speed has decreased, it could be due to worn-out cables. 

We can replace your cables with new ones, restoring performance and improving the longevity of your drone. Different types of drones may use different types of cords, so it’s crucial to find a repair shop that is familiar with your drone type. 

Outer Shell Replacement

Your drone’s outer shell shields its internal parts from damage and wear and tear. The drone’s electronics may have problems with a damaged exterior shell. Getting a replacement should be your first course of action if the outer shell is giving you trouble. Be careful to select an outer cover that is appropriate for the brand and model of your drone.

Gimbal Replacement

If you have a drone with a gimbal, you might eventually find yourself needing to replace it. Damage can be due to wear and tear from a crash or even an accidental drop. Whatever the cause, you’ll want a professional repair service to replace your gimbal. Gadgets Unplugged specializes in gimbal replacements for drones. Our team has the expertise and know-how to diagnose and replace any broken or damaged gimbal. We use only high-quality parts to ensure that your gimbal functions at its best. 

Camera Filter ND/UV Replacement

If you’re looking to upgrade the quality of your drone footage, one great way to do that is to replace the camera filter. ND (neutral density) and UV (ultraviolet) filters can help reduce glare and keep colors clear. Gadgets Unplugged provide quality camera filters to get the most out of your drone’s camera. We’ll ensure the filter is securely attached to your drone’s camera before it leaves our shop. With our camera filter replacement service, you can take your footage to the next level.

Logic Board Replacement

If your drone isn’t working, you might need to replace the logic board. The drone’s logic board serves as its central processing unit and manages all activities. Your drone may fly erratically or even stop working in midair due to a damaged logic board. If your drone needs a new logic board, you’ll need a professional to fix it. Gadgets Unplugged can replace the logic board for you swiftly and securely.

Propeller Replacement

Propellers are the wings of a drone, and they need to be in proper condition to help it fly. If your drone is experiencing a lack of thrust or any other unusual flight pattern, you may need to replace its propellers. 

Gadgets Unplugged offers comprehensive propeller replacement services. Our team can diagnose the issue and replace the propellers with ease. We only use genuine, high-quality parts for every repair. So, you can rest assured that your drone will fly again without hassle.

Our repair experts and staff always deliver superior customer service with every repair job. Come by our Sanford, NC repair facility, call us today, or fill out our online form today!